About the foundation


The International Waqf Foundation seeks to revive the endowment philanthropy in community development and meet the needs of Muslims around the world.

Our Objectives

(1) To advance the Islamic religion in the uk for benefit of the public through the holding positive dialogues between muslim and non muslim communities to bridge community cohesion and also holding prayer meetings, lectures, public celebration of religious festivals, producing and distributing literature on the islamic faith to enlighten others in different languages via all means of print media and technological methods.

(2) To advance education for the benefit of the poor, the underprivileged and people in need in the uk, and other countries determined from time to time, by means of, but not exclusively, the provision of educational programmes, such as arabic and other languages classes, and the provision of educational facilities, such as libraries, training centres, islamic schools and houses of worship.

(3) To relieve financial hardship, distress and suffering among poor people, widows, orphans, refugees, victims of natural disasters and other people in need, by means of, but not exclusively, making grants for providing or paying for items, equipment, services and facilities, including the provision of food, water, clothing, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and accommodation for the said persons; and imropve quality of drinking water and clean sanitation facilities.

(4) To relieve sickness and to preserve good health among the poor, underprivileged and people in need in the uk and abroad, by means of, but not exclusively, the provision or assistance in the provision of services, facilities, equipment, clinics, medicines or grants for medical diagnosis and treatment, and provision of health education.